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Houses of the Holy: Yoga at Galtaji Temple

…We arrived in the dark hour before dawn and climbed the steps to a temple courtyard, which we shared with a group of young monks who were chanting their morning prayers. Music and mantra filled the air, and so did the local monkeys, who began to leap around the rooftops as the sun came up. We moved and breathed and bathed in the devotional sound, we jumped through vinyasas as the monkeys jumped into trees, and we sat in stillness on the stone floor that we shared with our young spiritual companions. After practice, droplets of rain began to fall from the sky and we were welcomed inside for hot chai and sweets with His Holiness, Maharaji of Shri Galta Peetham….

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Prints for the People the interest of spreading joy and spreading the teachings of yoga, here it is, another little glimpse into the many ways that we can access union, connection and a deeper understanding of the humanity around us. I quickly learnt that the stories I'd imagined about many of these people were not even close to the truth, that their real lives were way more interesting than I could have guessed, and that it wasn't always appropriate for me to share in their experiences. This small project has given me a new perspective to creating portrait images of strangers, a chance to question more deeply what the art is trying to show. It offered a further glimpse into the culture around me, and an increased appetite for exploring the unknown while letting the moment lead the way.

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The Everyday Yogis

I like coming into the park and sitting with the elders as they practice their pranayama and morning prayers. The energy is quite potent, quite still in here. A certain type of quiet, even as the sounds of morning life still filter through the iron fence that circles the space.

I came upon these 'Everyday Yogis' quite accidentally while walking along a new route. They are an assorted group of people...

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