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Gemstones, Jewels and... Coffee?

While living in Jaipur for a short stint in 2017, this spot soon became my favourite place to hang, drink surprisingly good cappuccinos and do work-kinda things (edit photos, write blogs, plan workshops etc). I think what I most liked about spending time at Curious Life was, alongside their smoothie bowls, chocolate chip cookies and fresh roasted beans, I was captivated by the other people that visited the cafe. With the exception of a few other tourists, this place seemed to attract all of Jaipur’s interesting, beautifully dressed, charismatic local professionals…

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A Master Class in Miniature Painting

An integral part of the Inspired India 2018 creative yoga trip was a chance to spend a day with India’s award winning artist Sri Ramu Ramdev, learning the art of Indian Miniature Painting from within Jaipur City Palace…

…Miniature Painting is a practical way to experience yoga within painting, through recognisable physical techniques such as breathwork, as well as that subtle devotional quality that resonates throughout the images, the artists and the atmosphere of the studio. Art from the heart…

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Elephants in Exhibition

If you really love the elephants here in India, don't ride them. Don't chain them up and take selfies... instead get artistically inspired and join in with a global campaign that is raising awareness of elephant cruelty and working towards elephant conservation.

Elephant Family is a registered charity that is committed to delivering effective conservation projects, changing government and corporate policy and generating mass support for elephant protection. Here in Jaipur, we've been working with them on the global Travels to my Elephant art project, whereby the organisation commissioned 101 elephant sculptures to be painted by renowned artists around the world, using art to raise awareness of elephant corridors and the importance of protecting these environments that are the species' habitat.

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The Art of the Line

The Art of the Line is another name for Indian Painting as the line work is the most essential characteristic of the art. It is a smooth, elegant, flowing line that becomes emotive as it takes on the characteristic of each form in the image. A balance of force and flow, applied with delicacy and deliberation. The most effective way of learning how to paint this way is to spend time with one who has already mastered the technique, and then do as they do in order to try and experience what they experience.

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Patience and the Paint Makers: Mountain Stones

The first secret of Indian Miniature Painting? A little of the magic comes directly from the rare gemstones and minerals that make up the paint in the image.

To fully appreciate this art-form, it is essential to understand the great care that goes into the preparation and creation of all components of the painting. Everything is sourced organically and made by hand, and each part of the process is of equal importance to the artist. Before any painting can commence, the rigorous and careful ritual of paint making must occur, and this is what we're looking at in some detail here.

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