One-to-One Guidance


One to one guidance is the most effective way to create a personal practice that is of benefit to you... and one that will stick. Tailored to support your individual needs, a guided personal practice will be designed to integrate into your life in a complimentary and manageable way.




Both beginners and advanced practitioners can benefit from private sessions, which incorporate coaching in physical asana practice, as well as some discussion on elements of the philosophy that yoga is founded upon. 

Asana practice, if designed intelligently to suit your specific needs, can dramatically shift many areas of your life. Correctly applied postures will cultivate physical health, restore emotional balance and begin to clear stress and tension from the system, bringing lightness back into life while preparing the mind for meditation.

When the physicality of the postures is supported by understanding and knowledge of yoga in a wider context, the mental and emotional results become accelerated because each posture takes on a meaning and each moment of the practice has a clear purpose. For this reason, students can expect personal practice to involve a little philosophy and discussion on the methodology of yoga postures. An understanding of why you are doing something will give you more reason to show up and commit to your process.

I currently work with a number of clients, from young beginners to dedicated practitioners. Beginner students have developed commitment and confidence within yoga both at home and in a public setting. As beginners evolve into progressing students, they have gone on to find ways to deepen their practice as their needs and lifestyles change.

Experienced practitioners have found tools to bring life and inspiration back into an existing practice, and have discovered how to tune their yoga practice in accordance with their circumstances.




If you are looking for guidance in how to become more consciously aware, how to step into your own definition of excellence and how spiritual practice can cultivate success and shine more joy into your life, then you may wish to consider coaching sessions.

You will be guided through yogic philosophy, meditation programs and will develop an understanding of the foundations of yoga and the impact of balancing disciplined practice with individual freedom. You will be asked to commit to self-practice (Sadhana) in order to develop the willpower and self-confidence that is required to take responsibility for your path.

Coaching sessions can be offered remotely or in person. To open up discussion and find out more about supported sadhana practice, please get in touch and we can arrange a free phone-call consultation.

Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something that is done to please somebody or to gain something. Not at all. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your personal best.
— Yogi Bhajan