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Where tradition meets creativity and self-practice supports self-discovery.

Teachings and techniques for mental clarity and authenticity.



About Victoria

I'm here to share teachings of yoga, meditation and art; practical techniques that are there to make you you. Accessible teachings that are available to anyone, so that we can all step into a life of impact and grace.

We all naturally have the ability to do this, but sometimes as we move through life things can end up feeling kind of foggy, kind of heavy, a little scattered or a little stuck. That's where the practice comes in: specific techniques that help to remove blocks and clear the mind. A method of remembering what lies at our core, the elements that make us who we are. By focusing within we can strengthen that inner voice, take charge of our lives and move in a way that is in alignment with our truth.

No-one in the world was ever you before, and so only you know how to be you! By clearing the mind we discover tools of leadership and self-confidence, an ability to move forward and embrace the mystery of life.

When we can see ourselves for who we are, we are better able to see the humanity in others too -we can find ways to relate to the person that is underneath the fluctuating turmoil that is presented on the surface. This is what the yogis mean when they say "see the other person as you".

Operating from this place of clarity leads to connection and compassion, and that is the beauty that comes from being yourself.

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Different techniques can lead to the same experience of mental clarity and deep awareness; the method just needs to be one that works for you, that resonates with you.

I'm a big believer in self-practice, because if you can develop a personal relationship with your practice, then it's going to stick and it's going to work. I work with people of all levels both privately and in group settings, to support students on their path. Currently I'm offering:

  • INSPIRED INDIA: 10 day creative yoga tour and retreat in India, September 2018;
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs with Abhijna School of Yoga (India);
  • Indian Miniature Painting workshops including Art Meditation;
  • Public and private yoga asana classes and workshops;
  • One-to-one coaching, classes and remote learning.


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Workshops and Events


what i do


  • As a practicing visual artist I paint regularly and am currently working on various projects, all the while striving to apply yoga as a lifestyle and connect with the world through creative expression.
  • As well as producing artwork in a studio setting, I enjoy taking a sketch pad out into the world and using it as a tool to connect with people through live portrait sketching. 
  • As part of my service as a teacher, I choose to journal as a way to share my experience of navigating experiences through the lens of yoga -check out the Journal for recent posts.
  • I am also available for art commissions, sales and exhibitions.

PORTFOLIO: Portraits of India



Art Commissions


Current Location

Jaipur, India

Join me in India, September 2018 for a 10 day tour combining creative thinking with yoga practices and authentic travel. Missed it this year? Come for 200hr Yoga Teacher Training programs in Kerala from January-May 2019, or stay tuned for the September 2019 India Retreat sign up!

I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion
-and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.
— Ram Dass