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About Victoria

I’m here to offer experience-led professional travel guidance, as well as teachings in yoga, meditation and art. Half British, half Canadian and with a third home in India, there’s nothing I love more than exploring the globe and getting to know the people that make this world so special.

Sharing experiences, insights and travel contacts was something that happened very organically for me; I find it hard to keep quiet when I stumble upon something/someone inspiring! Over the years this ad-hock service has developed into a professional role, supported by my experience working in the flight industry, adventure tourism, internationl education programs, Indian yoga schools, global mapping organisations and more.

I now assist a range of clients with various travel inquiries and requests. From designing and hosting advertised structured tours, to creating bespoke itineraries, connecting people with expert local guides or just offering tips about specific areas; it really is my pleasure to be able to help others in any way that I can.

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Journal & Services

INDIA: Over the last five years I’ve had the luxury of spending large amounts of time living, working and travelling through various parts of India. I am always happy to offer advice and support to travellers within this region, along with:

  • Structured group tours and trips;

  • Bespoke itineraries to meet your individual travel plans;

  • Access to local professional guides;

  • Specialist advice for yoga, art, photography, cultural and creative travel ideas.


Travel Journal

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  • As a practicing visual artist I paint regularly and am currently working on various projects, all the while striving to apply yoga as a lifestyle and connect with the world through creative expression.

  • As well as producing artwork in a studio setting, I enjoy taking a sketch pad out into the world and using it as a tool to connect with people through live portrait sketching.

  • As part of my service as a teacher, I choose to journal as a way to share my experience of navigating experiences through the lens of yoga -check out the Journal for recent posts.

  • I am also available for art commissions, sales and exhibitions.


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Current Location

South-West England, United Kingdom

Currently working remotely among the apple orchards of the British countryside. Available for art commissions, travel services, yoga advice, days out on the coast and conversations over coffee (or tea and cake is perhaps a little more fitting). Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or queries.